André Groenewald, (minister of Balerno Parish church) serves as the Chaplain to Currie Chieftains as a member of Sports Chaplaincy UK. The aim of Sports Chaplaincy is to serve and help people in a non-intrusive way, in a sports setting. For me it is all about being a presence, standing on the side lines, waiting and ready to help anyone who may need a guiding hand.

To me it is about:

  • Being a transformative listener to someone who is needing to talk about things that hurt and can only be discussed in confidence.
  • Being a companion to accompany someone on a journey who feels isolated, depressed, and low in mind and spirit.
  • Being a friend who will listen and encourage - who will not criticise.
  • Being a confidante who will keep all conversations private and safe.
  • Being an attentive practitioner who will take the time to help anyone who finds life difficult.
  • Being a human being with a good sense of humour to uplift anyone who needs motivation to seek and find joy.

The Mental health and wellbeing of any player or volunteer or member of Currie Chieftains is of the utmost importance to me.  My goal is to be known and trusted by all so that everyone can feel at ease to contact me in times of joy and times of sadness. My strategy on how to achieve this, is simply to attend rugby matches, rugby lunches and after practise-meals.

If you need to talk or share something with me, please feel welcome to contact me anytime.

My contact details are:

Rev Dr André Groenewald

3 Johnsburn road Balerno EH147DN

0131 4493830/07588845814