Youth and Mini Rugby

The Currie Chieftains represent an active community sports and social club, with a diverse range of interests. However, rugby is always at the core of all the club does.

At adult male levels the club is represented by the Currie Chieftains team which plays in the National Tennent’s Premiership League, by Currie Chieftains A which plays in the Tennent’s National Reserve League Division 1, and Currie Chieftains B which plays recreational rugby in competitive friendly matches. Senior female rugby is under development and, at this stage, is limited to playing in festival events.  

The club also offers a wide range of age-group rugby programmes for pre-school children (Micro-Chieftains); for P1-P7 Mini-rugby players; and for Youth (U13-U16) and Colts (U18) teams. These programmes accommodate the needs of long-term developing players and of those who are new to the game. They include female and male players, playing together at mini-rugby levels and then in separate groups at later sages.  The club also provides rugby development programmes in the six primary schools and two high schools in our local area and engages fully in the Scottish Rugby male and female development programmes in its region.

Young players are the future of the club and of Scottish rugby. At Currie Chieftains, we aim to give them the best opportunity to enjoy all that is good about the game and about the culture and personal discipline that goes hand in hand with being a ruby player. The club also has GRIT to identify, nurture and develop the best young players and allow them to develop to their full potential.

The club depends heavily on its professional coaches and on its large number of volunteers, many of whom have rugby qualified at the club and have sons or daughters who are, or have been, players. The club actively seeks to establish a rugby development culture for coaches and others, who are trained through Scottish Rugby courses and the club’s 4Cs programme to deliver the club’s objectives for its young players.

The Currie Chieftains approach is to welcome everyone who wishes to become a member of the club and be a part of what it does. Training and development are encouraged and supported, and for some roles they are a requirement. However, everyone has a lot of fun and personal satisfaction for those involved is guaranteed.

Also, for those adult men and women who have stopped playing rugby (or who have never played) there is a growing range of health and fitness programmes in which to participate, including the highly enjoyable Tartan Touch Rugby, throughout the summer.

Mini Rugby - a safe, encouraging environment to enjoy

The Currie Chieftains Mini section is the start point for many rugby carers. With playing squads from P1 to P7, they participate in tournaments and fixtures throughout Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.   With 3 outdoor grass pitches, and a 4G pitch for training, we provide the best possible start in what will hopefully be a lifelong passion.

Our season culminates in our own Mini Tournament which sees over 500 children participate in our festival of rugby.

All of our coaches are PVG licenced and Rugby Right qualified and follow Scottish Rugby’s Key National Themes. We actively encourage parents to join in with the development of all of our players.

The Chieftains Mini’s form part of the history, present and future of our club.

Youth Rugby - at the highest level, safe, competitive and fun

Currie Chieftains are proud of their youth section and the players, coaches and myriad of volunteers who drive the section from strength to strength.  For U13 to U16 squads the Currie Chieftains participate in Scottish Rugby’s Conference system, as well as playing friendly fixtures against rugby clubs from across Scotland.  Representative honours for both the Edinburgh Select and the Scottish Rugby Pathways programme are welcome as our players develop their rugby careers.

Touring and hosting visiting teams is actively encouraged, with youth ties being formed across the home nations and abroad.

Scottish Rugby Coaching Courses qualified coaches follow Scottish Rugby’s Key National Themes designed to provide for the active development of players.

The Chieftains youth form part of the history, present and future of our club.

Colts rugby - Aspiring future talent for club and country

From Primary 1 to Senior players all Currie Chieftains have a love of the sport of rugby and a desire to be better at the game. They also enjoy the friendships and shared moments enjoyed during their involvement in the sport. All this makes for a great environment for playing and enjoying the game, and for enhancing player’s social life, whatever their age.

One of the most memorable moments for our young players is the transition period from youth to more adult rugby, through the Colts. At this stage, the physical and mental demands of the game become more challenging, and players mature not only as sportsmen but as people. At Chieftains we firmly believe that the years of top-level coaching to this point will have prepared our players for the Colts and for the transition. And, when our players reach 18, a whole new challenge lies ahead, and their coaches, friends and colleagues are there to support their next stage of development.

Over the years, our club has produced players who have found success as full-time professional players and international players; and we actively seek to support those with the talent and aspirations to follow that career path. Currie Chieftains Colts represent the ultimate stage in our impressive youth programme. It is the stage before young players take their next step into playing senior rugby in the national or regional leagues. This is an exciting time to be involved with Currie Chieftains Colts as we continue to develop the programme for the age group.

‘’It all starts here. So, join our clan’’
Mark Cairns
Head Coach of the Currie Chieftains