Child Protection & Safeguarding

Welcome to the Child Protection and Safeguarding section. My name is Donald Urquhart and I am the Club’s Child Protection Officer (CPO). It is my responsibility to assist the Management Committee and the Youth Section to make Currie Rugby Club (Currie Chieftains) a safe place for everyone but, in particular, for those who are vulnerable. I work in the field of child and adult protection in my day job so I have a depth of knowledge and experience in protecting vulnerable people and ensuring compliance with the various legal requirements that relate to protecting the vulnerable. This provides me with a very useful background to be the Club’s CPO

All coaches and others involved in ‘regulated work’ for Currie Rugby Club ( Currie Chieftains ) are required to be members of the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme under the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007 and it is my responsibility, in consultation with the Youth Section Coaching Coordinator Brian Porteous, to ensure that this is complied with in all cases without exception. In addition, I provide advice and guidance to the coaches on dealing with children and young people safely to ensure that everyone is participating in a safe and supportive environment.
However, it is important to remember that everyone in the Club (not just the coaches) are responsible for protecting children, young people & the vulnerable.
Together, the Management Committee, the Youth Section, the coaches and supporters and, of course, parents and carers, will enable children, young people and other vulnerable people to enjoy participating, spectating and supporting rugby at Currie in safety

City of Edinburgh Council

Children and Families Social Care Direct
T: 0131 200 2324

Emergency Social Work Service
T: 0800 731 6969

Advice or guidance from the Scottish Rugby
Union Child Protection Team
T: 0131 346 5000