Rugby, in different formats, is a sport for everyone. Whether it is regarded simply as an enjoyable way of keeping fit, an engaging social sporting active, or a highly competitive and physically demanding elite sport, there is a level of play that will suit all levels of interest and commitment.

Please enjoy our most recent photos:

Season 2022/23

Chieftains v Marr (Ian Gidney)

Chieftains v Melrose (Ian Gidney)

Hawick v Chieftains (Prem Final) Ian Gidney

Chieftains v Accies (Ian Gidney)

Selkirk v Chieftains (Bob Douglas)

Marr v Chieftains (Ian Gidney)

GHA v Chieftains (Ian Gidney)

GHA v Chieftains (Bob)

Hawick v Chieftains (Ian Gidney)

Chieftains v Glasgow Hawks (Ian Gidney)

Heriot's Blues v Chieftains 1st XV 3rd Dec 2022 (Ian Gidney)

Edin Accies v  Chieftains 26 November 2022 (Ian Gidney)

Edin Accies v  Chieftains 19 November 2022 (Ian Gidney)

Musselburgh v  Chieftains 12 November 2022 (Ian Gidney)

Selkirk v  Chieftains 22 Oct (Ian Gidney)

Hawick v Chieftains  15 Oct 2022 (Ian Gidney)

Glasgow Hawks v  Chieftains 8 Oct 2022 ( Ian Gidney)

GHA v Chieftains 24  Sept 2022 (Ian Gidney)

Heriot's Blues Men  v Chieftains 17 Sept 2022 ( Ian Gidney)

Musselburgh v  Chieftains 3 Sept 2022

Jed v Chieftains 27  Aug 2022 ( Ian Gidney)

Season 2022/23: Chieftains A's

Heriot's 2nd XV v Chieftains A's 3rd Dec 2022 (Ian Gidney)

Musselburgh 2nds v Chieftains A's 12 November 2022 (Lorna Duncan)

Heriots Blues Men 2nd XV v Chieftains A 17 Sept (Lorna Duncan)