Player Welfare

Rugby, in different formats, is a sport for everyone. Whether it is regarded simply as an enjoyable way of keeping fit, an engaging social sporting active, or a highly competitive and physically demanding elite sport, there is a level of play that will suit all levels of interest and commitment.

However, as with any sport, rugby presents risks of injury and all those involved in the sport – officials, coaches and players seek to ensure that participation is responsible and has regard to player safety and welfare.

Currie Chieftains, at all age levels, are affiliated to Scottish Rugby, the sports governing body in Scotland, and we embrace and implement the guidance and policies adopted for the sport

These policies include the training of coaches, the specific formats and laws for the conduct of rugby at different age grades, provisions for first aid, physiotherapy and medical cover at different ages and stages of players’ development and level of participation, and monitoring and reporting injuries to Scottish Rugby.

If you are a parent thinking about your children playing rugby or a player wishing to know more, please ask your age-group club contact.

Visiting teams please note that an Emergency Medical Action Plan for matches played at Malley Park is available on request from the Clubhouse Manager Donna Collins by email at

Club Doctors and Physiotherapist

If you are suitably qualified or are trained and certified in first aid and would like to become involved as a volunteer we would love to hear from you. Simply email us at the address below. Thank you

Medical Advisor

Karen Barclay


Matthew Stewart


Tracy McAdam


Sarah Chambers


Rachael Clayton

All enquiries please email: